Jamie Taylor, Owner (D&I/Accounts/Licensing/H&S)

After spending 16 years in the Royal Air Force, Jamie has bought to The Dickin Arms a wealth of food and drink ideas from his travels overseas. From Shakshuka to Sangria, he’s seen the lot! When not hiding away in the office or throwing barrels around the cellar, you will see Jamie in all areas of the business keeping up those tight standards. When not on the shop floor, he enjoys hiking, outdoor swimming, a good G&T and skiing in the season.

Nick Taylor, Owner (D&I/Gardener/Licensing/H&S)

With a career spanning 2 decades, it all began at The Savoy Hotel in London for Nick. He draws huge inspiration from his travels overseas and loves to try all things new. His passion and drive for excellency has seen him turn The Dickin Arms into one of North Shropshire’s destination pubs. When not at the pass, Nick is a keen gardener (you’ll see outside), car enthusiast and he can sometimes be found sipping a cocktail or two at the bar.

Paul Stinson, Executive Chef (Personnel/Catering Administration/H&S)

With over 40 years’ experience in catering and hospitality, Paul is one of the original members of staff at The Dickin Arms having been with us for over 7 years. His knowledge of food and ingredients is second to none and he is an integral part of the team. With his calm approach to any situation, Paul is the perfect mentor and his ability to cope under pressure is admirable. On his down time, Paul is an avid country music fan, Caribbean cruiser and like most chefs, he likes a cheeky pint!

Rach Stokes, Manager (Recruitment/Personnel/D&I/H&S)

A full time solicitor, Rach juggles the stresses of the legal world alongside the pressures of running The Dickin Arms in what remains of her free time. Known locally as “The Boss” Rach is the epitome of hard work. Never one to sit still, she uses her years of experience in catering and hospitality to keep us all in check. Charity lies in her heart and she has raised 10’s of thousands of pounds for local good causes. A keen gym goer and lover of the outdoors, Rach enjoys a rum or 2 when her schedule allows.

Kate MacDonald, Manager (HR/Training/D&I/H&S)

Balancing a busy career in HR alongside her unwavering dedication to The Dickin Arms, “Kathy” is our resident cocktail Goddess. A force to be reckoned with and a leader that anyone would follow, Kate takes the lead on all things shaken and stirred and has put our famous COVID Booster cocktail on the map. A rock lover, cat fanatic and Tequila enthusiast, Kate will certainly ensure you leave the pub with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Georgia Whyte, Manager (Personnel/Training/D&I/H&S)

One of the two originals left, Georgia started her time at The Dickin Arms aged 15 in 2017. After graduating Bristol University, G travelled extensively to New Zealand, Cuba and all over Europe. Her knowledge of the business is second to none and her dedication to excellence shines through on every shift. A natural leader, she promotes fairness and equality throughout the whole team. G is a talented Polo player and a lover of all things outdoors and she is regularly seen dragging Jamie into cold water for a “refreshing” swim.

Sally Taylor, Duty Manager (Administration/Reservations)

Joining Team Dickin in 2023, Sally has taken charge of reservations at The Dickin Arms implementing new and improved working practices. A firm favourite with our lunchtime customers, Sally always delivers a smile and impeccable service. A devoted mother of two, Sal is pivotal in the success of our day to day operation ensuring our customers receive first class customer service. When she’s able to put her feet up, Sal is a brand ambassador for our house Prosecco and knows how to lead us all into a party!

Bradley Moseley, Sous Chef (Personnel/Catering Administration/H&S)

Joining Team Dickin in 2018, Bradley soon realised his potential in his chosen path. With some gaps in the middle to travel all over the globe, Brad is back at The Dickin Arms and he is sure putting his experiences to good use. His hard work and dedication to his role never waivers, and he can always be relied upon to create new and inspirational dishes leaning on his knowledge of international cuisine. A machine of a man, Brad spends his down time pounding the pavements, lifting weights and drinking copious amounts of coffee!